The Hanalei Surfboard House is so fabulous that even the most savvy travelers agree! Reviewed and approved! See what others have to say below.



Frommer's says "...this place is so fabulous, it will go fast!" and has featured The Hanalei Surfboard House since it's 2006 publication (in both the Kauai and Hawaii guidebooks). The Hanalei Surfboard House is highlighted in the first chapter "the best of" in both guides.


Lonely Planet

One of the largest travel guidebook publishers in the world, the Lonely Planet, has featured the Hanalei Surfboard House as the author's pick!

Click here to read the Lonely Planet's online review.


The New York Times

A great write up journaling an adventurous 36 packed hours on Kauai. Offering a great itinerary including The Hanalei Surfboard House and many other must-visit spots on island!

Click here to read the New York Time's article online.


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Trip Advisor

Read reviews of the Hanalei Surfboard House posted on one of the most respected online travel review sites!

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The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal Reviews Hanalei as "authentic Hawaii" and recomends the Hanalei Surfboard House Vacation Rental as one of the few places to stay!

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Colbie Caillat Music Video

Watch the music video for "The Little Things" as singer Colbie Caillat rides her bike over the Hanalei bridge and into Hanalei town to a BBQ in the garden at the Hanalei Surfboard House! This YouTube video has a lot of great footage of Kauai's North Shore and Hanalei too!

Click here to watch Colbie Caillat's video.

Tech Crunch

Here's a great review from one of our guests with a blog!

Click here to read his blog.


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